Comifo Group specializes in manufacturing, contracting and selling HVAC air conditioning equipments, HVAC machinery, valve and actuators.
Comifo Duct Manufacture Machine Co., Ltd is one of Comifo group member, the leading company which specializes in machine manufacture, involving in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) fabrication, cable tray fabrication, coil processing, roll forming, etc.
Q: What's the difference from Comifo Duct Auto Line to other's?
A:(1) decoiler: comifo designed new type duct decoiler which is easy to be loaded with coils. Besides crane machine, forklift can be used for loading.
(2) straightening rollers: Comifo adopts 6 rollers for straightening, ensure perfect flatening to material.
(3) roller: There is 2 rollers for feeding material, 6 rollers for straightening, 2 rollers for beading. All of these rollers are driven pneumatically. No adjustment required when changing different thickness materials. Not handle wheel driven (manually adjustment required when changing different thickness materals).
(4) Formulars: you can set and get four pcs of duct with different size, differnt formulars in one time. Which saves material by reducing scrap.
Q: What are the differences between spiral duct machine model FHNR-1400 and type duct machine FHR-16
A: The max diameter of the FHNR-1400 spiral tube forming machine is 1400mm, while the FHR-1600 is 1600mm.
FHR-1600: different forming heads were required for different diameters.
FHNR-1400: different forming strips were required for different diameters.
Advantage of FHR-1600: The time for changing and adjusting different forming heads is faster. The duct diameter is more stable. But its price is higher than FHNR-1400.
Q: What's the advantages of TDF flange manufacture system than iron angle flange manufacture system?
A: TDF flange machine is integrated. With high speed, convenient operation and low air leakage ratio, it enjoys high population among customers. It saves material and labor cost, no welding is required.
Q: What's the difference between Auto Line III and Auto Line V?
A: Auto Line III is a starter of duct manufacture. Auto Line III consists with decoiler-straightening-beading-punching & notching-folding-shearing. Auto Line V consists the fuctions of Auto Line III, and additionally with pittsburgh lock forming, TDF flange forming and TDF hydraulic folding. Line III is one part of Line V.
Q: What' new on Comifo Duct Auto Lines Now compare to other auto lines of other suppliers?
A: Saves Material! Save your cost on duct making machine!
1) Formula programmed, which insure producing different material with maximum four different sizes with different quantities in one time.
2) Draw back coil is not needed; our line III can draw back the coil for further production, which saves time and no waste material.
Q: How to choose Auto Line III or Auto Line V?
A: Select Auto Duct Line 5 to make a complete full wrap duct automatically with Pittsburgh lock, TDF flange and folded already. Select Auto Line III for smaller production requirement, and you can upgrade Comifo Auto Line III to Comifo Auto Line V some time you need, which you can just found in Comifo's Auto Line only! 
Q: Is Kong-da a manufacturer or a distributor?
A: Our package is strictly according to international standard to ensure delivery to your destination without any damage. International wood case package: EPE+ Bubble film+Corner protection+paper+plywood+wood strip jointer.
Q: What are the functions of Comifo Duct Auto Line V?
A: Duct Auto line V consists 4 decoilers, straightening and beading, punching and notching, folding and shearing, automotion pittsburgh lock forming, duplex TDF flange forming and TDF hydraulic folding. With Comifo Patented Automotion pittsburgh lock former, the Line V is a straight line, saves space. You will get a compelete rectangular duct directely from the Line V.

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