Global Hvac Market Will Increase By 5% Over The Year

The global construction market is pursuing different ways of improving energy efficiency, and actively investing in energy efficiency solutions to meet the increasing cost of energy, while not lowering the quality of service. The commercial sector is adopting more green systems in the building to enhance the comfort and efficiency of the indoor environment, improve energy efficiency and reduce the impact on the external environment. As a result, these systems can receive energy and environmental design (LEED) certification or energy star certification.

Analysis and forecast, in the 2017-2021 years period, the global HVAC pipe market will increase by 5.25% CAGR (CAGR). Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are among the most energy intensive systems in commercial and residential buildings. Ventilation ducts are used for air distribution in HVAC systems. The ventilation, return air and exhaust air necessary for a HVAC system are required through the air duct. Ducts are also used for ventilation. As a result, the air duct is also a method of ensuring indoor air quality and thermal comfort.

The development of the construction industry has greatly promoted the global HVAC duct market. New buildings in residential, commercial and industrial areas have increased the demand for HVAC systems, thus creating demand for wind pipes. Architectural design innovations and concerns about building energy efficiency have created a good opportunity for HVAC manufacturers to expand their market size.

At the same time, the HVAC market is a capital intensive industry, which limits the wider use of HVAC systems, which has had a negative impact on the air duct market. Suppliers of HVAC market are faced with the difficulties of equipment development and market development. Many end users are also very much involved in the purchase of HVAC equipment because it requires a lot of initial investment. Especially in developing countries, high costs have prevented many families from buying household fireplaces, air conditioners and other electrical equipment.

SIG dedicated to the manufacture of wind pipe production line for nearly 20 years, has rich experience in equipment manufacturing, the production of automatic air pipe production line performance stability, high efficiency, can meet the demand of the wind pipe manufacturers growing, to create more economic benefits for wind pipe manufacturers.
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