Processing Problems and Maintenance of Air Duct Production Line

The material should be automatically cut to avoid waste; the production line of the duct production line has different functions for cutting corners, shearing machines, clip shifting machines, double-link flange machines, and bending machines.

Ⅰ. Features and functions of air duct production line

1. The electric double-coil rack is mainly used to complete the feeding functions of automatic feeding, returning and moving, and has a good protection effect on the sheet metal surface. As long as it is on the upper feed rack and in the coil, the operation is very simple.

2. The sheet material is leveled and the feeding roller is formed into a plastic bag to ensure the non-slip of the sheet material, and then it goes to the next process for processing; it can complete the production of the joint angle; finally, it is the bending and forming of the air duct. Therefore, we can see that the functions that a complete air duct production line should have include blanking function, pressing function, mainly to adjust the plate; as well as punching, chamfering and other functions, in order to avoid the later punching, it is strictly forbidden to Use the installed air duct as the support and bracket.

The appearance of the air duct production line has a composite aluminum foil cloth, which has strong heat reflection and good thermal insulation performance. Better than ordinary air ducts. Ventilation ducts are an important part of ventilation and air conditioning systems, and most of them are made from air duct production lines.

Ⅱ. Reasons that may lead to processing problems in the air duct production line

1. The processing materials are not up to standard. Performance: The surface of the plate is uneven, the thickness is uneven, and there are obvious indentations, cracks, and blisters. It is not allowed to weld or hang other supports and hangers on the air duct flange, air duct supports and hangers; the air duct passes through settlement When jointing, a casing should be added according to the design requirements, and the gap between the casing and the air duct should be tightly sealed with packing (soft).

2. The installed air duct should ensure that the surface of the air duct is smooth and clean, and the outdoor air duct should be protected from rain and snow. The air duct lifted to the bracket should be installed in time and should not be left for too long.

Ⅲ. The maintenance of the air duct production line should be carried out from all aspects:

1. The ventilation duct should have protective measures to avoid damage to the duct during transportation.

2. The connection of the tenon air duct is coated with adhesive at the tenon to enhance the strength of the joint.

3. When the air duct is pre-assembled on the ground and the overhead device is used, the length of the pre-assembly is limited to avoid damage to the component interface due to the tortuousness of the air duct due to its own weight.

4. When the air duct port of the glass fiber composite board is a cut surface, the cut surface of the pipe end should be blocked with tape or glue before assembling the flange connector.

The material requirements for the flexible pipe of the air duct cleaning system are relatively high, and it must have the characteristics of dustproof, good airtightness and smooth inner wall. The connection between it and the air duct equipment must be relatively tight. The appearance requirements of the tuyere are also relatively strict, the quality must be qualified, and the frame and blades must be flat and smooth.

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