The Significance and Function Analysis of Air Duct Production Line

1. The importance of air duct production line

The ventilation duct machine in many factories can be seen everywhere. Because the working space needs to have a good ventilation effect, the air duct production line will be very important.

Because some factories are not the pipeline equipment selected by professional personnel, they will not choose a more suitable pipeline to replace when they first choose it. The back and forth replacement is not only troublesome, but also causes a waste of resources.

When choosing ventilation duct equipment, the first thing to pay attention to is whether the material of the duct meets the national standard, and the duct that meets the standard must have a test mark. Then it is to determine which material of ventilation duct equipment to choose. Different materials have different benefits.

In general, there are steel plate materials, white iron materials, stainless steel, glass, plastic and composite materials, so we must first determine the characteristics of the installation materials we need. It is lighter and has a better effect when used, and is loved by many factories.

After selecting the material, we also need to choose the required diameter of the pipe. Different places have different requirements, so materials of different diameters are required. Finally, we also need to pay attention to the quality of this material. Only good quality can be used for a longer period of time, so we should pay special attention to the quality when purchasing.

The significance of the air duct production line lies in ventilation, maintaining a good environment in the work area, dispersing the source of polluted air, and improving the overall working environment and efficiency of the factory.

2. What are the functions of the air duct production line?

The production line of any normal air duct manufacturer should have all the functions of producing products. For example, the production line in a mobile phone manufacturer must include: assembly line, inspection line, packaging line and quality inspection line. From the assembly of one part to the qualification of the product requires different functional groups to complete. Therefore, a complete air duct production line should have all the functional segments for producing air ducts.

The production process of the air duct is to prepare the plate, then send the plate into the equipment, adjust the initial part of the plate, and then complete the production of the installation hole of the air duct; because the material required for an air duct is limited, it is also necessary to The material should be automatically cut to avoid waste; then it will go to the next process for processing; the last process is to bend the air duct to make it shape.

From this we can see that the functions that a complete air duct production line should have are: blanking function; pressing function, which is mainly to adjust the plate; punching and chamfering function, which is to avoid punching in the later stage , which is also more convenient; the cutting function, which is to separate the sheet from the semi-finished product; the transmission function, which is convenient for entering the next process; the last is the bite, the forming function. This is a complete production line.

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